Lasker Rink and Pool

Project Progress

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As part of our restoration of the Lasker Rink and Pool, we will be rebuilding the facility to better integrate into the landscape, offer new and enhanced outdoor activities, and increase access for historically underserved communities around the north end of Central Park – those who rely heavily on the Park for healthful recreation and a connection to nature.

Our reimagining of the Lasker Rink and Pool will be the capstone project of the Conservancy’s 40-year campaign to restore Central Park. The new facility will be built in the spirit of Central Park’s original design and will provide:

  • Expanded recreational activities and programming throughout the year
  • Enhanced swimming and skating experiences, including a new area for free-form skating on a lake in Central Park
  • Year-round access to restrooms and amenities for all park-goers
  • Unhindered movement across the north end of the Park

Construction is scheduled to begin in fall of 2020.

A new landscape 40 years in the making

Central Park was originally designed as an idealized rural landscape, one that would provide New Yorkers an escape from the stresses of urban life. Park designers intended for visitors to move seamlessly through a diverse and beautiful sequence of naturalistic settings. 

The massive Lasker Rink and Pool facility, completed in 1966, undermines this intention; not only does the building obstruct one of the most stunning views in the Park, but it also acts as a barrier – blocking the flow of water from the Loch to the Harlem Meer and disrupting the connection between the Meer landscape and the rest of the Park. Serious flaws in the engineering have plagued the existing facility since its construction. The Conservancy has committed to a complete redevelopment, replacing the entire facility with a new one that engages the surrounding landscape and supports a broader vision of park use.

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  • Our Process

    Restoring Central Park is a collaborative effort. Our team of historians, planners, landscape architects, and architects work in partnership with the public to preserve the Park’s original ideals while enhancing the experience for today’s visitors.

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